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Circuit training is a type of endurance or resistance training which helps with body conditioning using high-intensity aerobics.

Many of our clients are high-performing professionals from a variety of industries. These men and women face incessant demands on their time, along with the pressure to perform at high levels and balance their careers and personal lives. Most working people find that they have very little time to have a full workout and this is where Circuit Training comes in!

A well planned out and organised Circuit Training Workout will help you to burn more calories in less time.

This is a speciality of ours and we have put together a unique circuit training programme that is suited to any size and shape and can be tailored easily to provide a bespoke service.

This programme is ideal for clients who are time-crunched, want to lose weight or just starting to incorporate strength equipment into their conditioning programmes.

This workout combines cardiovascular exercise with resistance training and is unique to Manchester in its design and concept.

The goal of the workout is not to just maximise strength gains or cardiovascular fitness, but rather to build strength and burn calories in an efficient and productive manner.

In summary, this type of training is a total body workout that focuses on the major muscle groups. It can be carried out in a short space of time, giving you more freedom in your lifestyle!

Circuit Training

Groop Bookings

Book a group of business colleagues, staff employees or fellow boardroom members for a workout! Group booking discounts are available for all customers in Manchester.

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One To One Training

Get fitter, stronger and have more stamina with a bespoke 1 to 1 training regime in Manchester… You can’t beat having your own personal circuit training  with an expert, tailored exactly to your needs!

Train With Friends

Are you the type of person that likes to share your training experiences with friends rather than a group of strangers? If so then why not ask a friend to come training with us and get a discount!

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