HIIT training

high intensity training

High-Intensity Interval Training

The main principles of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are that the exercises should be fast, infrequent, and intense.

Early science believed that the best way to activate the muscle groups was by performing long-duration, low-intensity exercises such as long-distance jogging, cycling, or swimming.

This ultimately leads to the creation of other forms of cardio exercises today such as aerobic dance classes, step aerobics, and the extremely popular Zumba.

Although low-intensity cardio is still the exercise king of weight loss and fat burning today, newcomers have arrived to challenge for the crown.

The biggest gripe with low-intensity cardio exercises is the duration, which often takes more than an hour. Cardio might seem to be fun and exciting the first time it’s done, but over time, it begins to feel way too repetitive and long.

As more and more people become bored and lose interest, more and more people will quit. And for some people, they simply do not have the time.

But are low-intensity cardio exercises really the best option to burn fat and calories?

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Modern Training Technique

In modern-day thinking with sports science, there is a new challenger to low-intensity cardio! This challenger is known as High-Intensity Interval Training. High-Intensity Interval Training, as the name suggests, is any “training” program that is performed in “intervals” at a “high intensity. “High-intensity interval training, also called HIIT for short, are alternating periods of short high-intensity activity with periods of low-intensity recovery.

The most popular exercise for HIIT is alternating sprinting with walking. Each sprint interval lasts between 5-30 seconds and each walk interval will also last between 5-30 seconds. The more fit you are, the higher the work to rest ratio will become.

For example, if you’re really fit, you might be sprinting for 30 seconds and walking for 10. Someone that is less fit might be sprinting for 10 seconds and walking for 30. The total session length varies between 5-20 minutes, and because of the intensity, should only be done 3 days a week. When added together, that’s a maximum of only 60 minutes of exercise per week!

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